A beauty of glass and iron / En skönhet av glas och järn

Like a tranquil oasis in the centre of Gothenburg. There she stands, The Palm House, in the middle of The Garden Society. This wonderful house actually celebrated 140 years this year. The Palm House was delivered by sea, all the way from Scotland. At the time the model for many greenhouses, Crystal Palace in London, was also the model for the Palm House. The Palm House is divided into five sections: the Nave, the Mediterranean House, the Camellia House, the Tropical House and the Water House. Here you will always find something beautiful to experience. Every season has something new blossoming. Here I warmed myself during a walk this winter and another time I watched the beautiful spring light radiate through the glass windows. You can actually rent this lovely place to get married in, which also some acquaintances to me did. What an amazing environment for a wedding. During the year, the parks gardeners, offer guided tours in The Palm House. Both the park and The Palm House are free …


During the summer there is an opportunity to try different types of training at The Garden Society of Gothenburg. Some Fridays between 11-12 you can take part in Qigong on the lawn in front of the Palm House. The class is free of charge so it is perfect for if you want to try something new. 💚 Qigong is an ancient Chinese training form. Simply put, Qigong means "to move energy". I have now tested Qigong on two occasions and like it very much. It gives both time for self-compassion and mindfulness. I feel pleasantly calm and happy afterwards. Barefoot we stand with our feet in the grass with a good grounded contact. 🌱 The Qigong class has soft and slow repetitive movements where you work with mindful breathing. I achieve a nice flow where I can land in my body and slow down my thoughts. There is no talking and no music, but I really like the silence and the sense of it. Towards the end, we practise balance and concentration followed by self-massage, where you massage the ent…

Enjoy the little things / Njut av de små sakerna

Just think that it is so easy to long to be far away, even though you have so much beauty to explore nearby. I have lately discovered the islands around Gothenburg. Recently we went to Asperö where I have never been before. Asperö is an island in Gothenburg's southern archipelago where about 400 inhabitants live. A smaller island that I think is sometimes passed by as many instead travel to the larger islands of the archipelago. We traveled from Saltholmen boat terminal to Asperö Östra (Eastern Asperö) which is the first stop with the ferry. It only takes about 10 minutes. You can now also take ferries to the southern archipelago from Stenpiren Travel Centre. Once on the island it is quiet, there are not a lot of people and everything is very close so you do not have to walk very far. We took with us salads from the mainland and we ate these for lunch by the boat harbour. After this we walked to the small shop to buy ice cream and drinks. We decided to walk up to the top of the vi…

Silent retreat / Tyst retreat

I had tried yoga and meditation for a while and heard of different types of retreat. It seemed like something nice to go away to. Also, a good way to change the environment. So last year I searched on google to see what was out there. I didn't want it to be too far way or too expensive. I then found a silent retreat organised by the Swedish Church. Not expensive, not far away and just over the day. It sounded good. That time, last spring, I went with my boyfriend. It was very interesting and nice to spend the day together like that. After a few hours when the silence broke, it felt, strange enough, as if you didn't have to say anything. It was as if you had already spoken to each other on another level. This year I went on the silent retreat for the second time, but this time by myself. Just to see if it became a different experience. A retreat, for those who wonder, is in this case a quiet day of reflection, rest and peace. The day is varied with meditation, walk, service, lu…

The joy of crochet / Virkglädje

If someone would have told me a few years ago that someday I would start to crochet, I would never have believed them. I never really understood how people could find book reading or handcraft so relaxing, but I did envy them for it. I was more of the training type of person. But, you should never say never and not stop learning more about yourself. You can have more aptitudes then you realise. They can be well hidden and never tried. So this Christmas, after becoming interested, I was taught to crochet and I have been hooked 😊 ever since. I continued on my own with help from Youtube clips. They make it easy to just stop and try yourself at your own speed. I have since then crocheted granny squares and flowers and other techniques and I'm still appreciating the fun of being more creative. Crochet is so much more than a hobby. It is pure mindfulness. It has something to do with using your hands, just like cooking and gardening. You become calm and focused. I even heard that croche…

Beautiful in every way / Vackert på alla sätt

Sometimes you get days that are beautiful in every way. Such happiness it is to experience a Sunday in September while the summer is still around. A perfect day for a small trip. We have decided to visit Gunnebo House and Gardens that with bus from Gothenburg takes about 15 minutes to reach. As I enter the Gunnebo House environment, I immediately get a wow-feeling. Here it is beautiful like a dream and there is so much to look at of this 17th century property, which is well preserved and well maintained. I smell the lavender on our way up to the House, the lovely smell of lavender is hard to beat. In the southern garden we sit down and enjoy the sun, the surroundings and our bag of tea and fruit. After that we take a walk around Gunnebo cultural reserve and watch the cows as they rest in the shade. On our way back we walk around the kitchen garden next to Gunnebo Coffee House and Restaurant, here grows vegetables, herbs and flowers among other things. The tomatoes smell just as good …

Awaken your senses / Väck dina sinnen

Liseberg is more than just an amusement park. For those who wish to get away from Liseberg's usually lively activity and for those who wish to collect energy, I recommend Lisebergs Lustgård (translated the Eden of Liseberg). You will get here just after passing through the main entrance and to the right. Lisebergs Lustgård is a 20,000 square meter green area that opened in 2008. Like Liseberg Amusement Park, the Eden raises imagination and playfulness. Here you will find waterfalls, winding paths and artwork. If you look closely, you can find quotes written in stone. At the same time there are open lawns and lots of plants. A place to visit not only during a day at Liseberg, but also during ones free time or during lunch if you happen to work nearby. Be sure to visit Lisebergs Lustgård as long as they are still open and the nature is green. With an annual pass, several visits awaits. 🙏
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Liseberg är mer än bara en nöjespark. För de…